Dream Flight Form

We understand there are those who live with a disability and enjoy the outdoors. Allow our Dream Catcher Balloon to provide an adaptive sports experience.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a Dream Flight with our Dream Catcher hot air balloon for everyone (especially people with disabilities, Veterans, and seniors) please start by filling out our Flight Form below. Please fill out as much information as possible so that we can provide the BEST hot air balloon ride experience for you. Be advised that some medical conditions will not safely allow a free floating flight above 500 feet and therefore we offer other avenues to get a hot air balloon ride. Thank you for your interest in our Dream Catcher Balloon nonprofit organization. All program fees are donations to our 501(c)(3) IRS #91-1269988 and considered tax deductible.

 (format: 999-999-9999)

yes no

Program Fees:
- $300 for Free Flight
- $600 for Small Gathering Tether (up to 10 individuals) plus Travel Expenses
- $1000 for Community Event Tether (10-50 individuals) plus Travel Expenses
- if any events are conducted at the Sequim Valley Airport then no travel expenses are needed.

Free flight - All hot air balloon free flights on Dream Catcher are for 30 minutes and take place in Sequim, WA at altitudes of 500' to 2500' above ground level. Weather restrictions apply.
Tethered ride - Tethered rides in Dream Catcher are available at most locations with advance site inspection approval. Weather restrictions apply.

I am not disabled and I weigh less than 200 pounds with no physical limitations for a flight up to 2500 feet above the ground.
I am mobility challenged.

Free fly parameters, check all that apply:

I need oxygen
I have PTSD
I need a care giver to communicate
I need assistance transferring myself to the seat on the balloon
I need assistance breathing
I have high blood pressure
I have heart trouble
I have neck trouble
I have back trouble
I need trunk support/stability

I can be away from my care giver for 30 minutes
I smoke cigarettes
I am pregnant - If so how far along?
Have you had a recent surgery? If so please explain:

* I have brittle bones Yes No

Please explain any medical issues you may have:

I can Travel to Sequim Valley Airport for my flight/tether

Ask us about Sequim WA discounted hotel rates. Specify whether handicap room is required,